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Symptoms of Cataract

Symptoms of Cataract

10 Apr, 2018

A Cataract is a clouding of the eye’s lens, the area that lies behind the iris and the pupil. Cataracts are said to be the main cause for blindness in the world, old people around after 40 years of age tend to lose their vision due to these Cataracts. These Cataracts develop slowly in one’s eyes and then increase, these have chances of affecting both eyes of the same person but it may not occur at the same time.

The Signs

When a person starts to experience blurredness while looking at things, for example, when looking at a glass, they may feel it is cloudy or while looking at the sun or a lamp or light, it may seem too glaring to the eyes. A cloudy or blurred feel occurs when looking at things and this is the start of Cataracts.

During night hours, the lights may seem too glary and the colours may appear dull. Driving would not seem easy and you may feel difficulty in looking at the road. Similarly, there are more symptoms for Cataracts. These will help you figure out that some problem has occurred.

Some of the symptoms may include;

  • Clouding of the vision, blurred feeling or dim vision.
  • Difficulty in sight during night hours.
  • Sensitive feeling towards light, a glare like feeling.
  • Feel like you need bright light while reading or other such activities ( difficulty in reading or seeing through short distance).
  • A ‘halos’ feeling around lights.
  • Experiencing frequent changes in the lens of the spectacle prescription.
  • Colours seem to fade or look yellowish.
  • Double vision in a single eye.

At the beginning, the cloudiness or denseness in the vision may affect only a small part of the eye lens which will not make you realize of any vision loss, as time goes, the Cataract will grow, the cloudy effect will increase in your eye lens causing a distort in the lights passing through the lens and thus, you will experience and notice more symptoms of the Cataract.

Would the Types of Cataracts affect the Symptoms?

The type of Cataract may differ from one person to another. There are several types of Cataracts that may develop in people. When finding out whether you have a Cataract developed, you will come to know the type of Cataract that has developed in you.

When a Nuclear cataract develops, it could create a temporary improvement in the person’s close vision, which is known as “second sight” but unfortunately, the improved vision is short-lived and would disappear as and when the Cataract would become worse. Likewise, when a person suffers a Subcapsular Cataract, that person will not experience any symptoms until the Cataract has developed well, or fully.

How Soon Should You See a Doctor?

As soon as you get cloudy visions, or notice a change in your sight, it is advised that you consult a doctor and get an eye test or eye exam done.