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Bajaj Eye Care Centre In Pitampura
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Disorder which is caused by increase of Intra-Ocular pressure (IOP). If Glaucoma is not treated on time it can lead to increased Intra-Ocular pressure resulting in loss of vision which is irreversible and permanent.

Bajaj Eye Care Centre provides Glaucoma services for complete diagnosis and treatment.

Most patients with glaucoma require only medication to control eye pressure. Suregery (Trabeculoplasty with or without Milomycin C) is indicated when medical treatment fails to lower the pressure satisfactorily is also available at Baja Eye Care Centre.

Symptoms of Glaucoma

Risks of Glaucoma

Dr. Rajiv Bajaj - Ophthalmology In Pitampura

Dr. Rajiv Bajaj

MBBS, MS - Ophthalmology

Dr. Rajiv Bajaj is a renowned Ophthalmologist practising in Pitampura area of Delhi.
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