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Lasik After 40

When the Finer Details are not so Fine Presbyopia

When you reach your mid-forties, you will notice certain changes with your eyesight. Reading fine print becomes harder. You begin to hold things at a distance to be able to read them clearly. If routine activities like using your mobile phone, browsing the net and reading the menu cars become challenging , you may have presbiopia . This visual condition affects everyone over the age of forty five.

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This happens as we grow older when bodily functions like eye sight start to decline. In presbyopia the natural lenses of our eye becomes more rigid and loose flexibility making it difficult to focus on nearby objects and causing blur while reading. Presbyopia is a refractive error that comes with age.

Have you noticed these signs lately?

Presbyopia can be treated without reading glasses

Treatment of presbyopia usually involves use of corrective lenses such as reading glasses or contact lens. However relying On reading glasses on a day to day basis can cause you inconvenience and impact your quality of life. With advancing medical and technological research new treatment options for presbyopia have been made available today.

PRESBYOND® Laser Blended vision is a breakthrough laser procedure offering multiple advantages over conventional vision correction methods particularly with

PRESBYOND® is a comfortable fast and efficient way to get back your youthful vision without any aid from reading glasses or contact lenses.

PRESBYOND® – A fine choice for experiencing the finer details

PRESBYOND® Laser Blended Vision is a new physiologically optimised laser treatment option for presbyopia. It combines the Simplicity and accuracy of corneal refractive procedure with increased depth of field in order to retain visual quality.

With PRESBYOND® laser blended vision patients experience excellent vision at all distances; near immediate and far , and improved visual acuity and contrast sensitivity . Patients adapt faster with this procedure and enjoy their youthful vision immensely.

PRESBYOND® has been developed by Carl Zeiss Meditec , Germany innovators and leaders in providing only the best ophthalmologic solutions globally for over a hundred and sixty years now

PRESBYOND® - Are you right for it ?

Almost anyone who requires and depends upon reading glasses is a suitable candidate for PRESBYOND®. Which includes short and long sighted people with or without astigimatism and those who wear reading glasses?

See the finer things in life, just the way they are

Unlike conventional laser treatment methods, PRESBYOND® relies primarily on its proven efficacy customization, re-adjustability and immediate impact. With PRESBYOND®, you can expect

Free your eyes from glasses and restore your youthful vision

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