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Keratoconus (corneal collagen crosslinking)

C3R is the term commonly used for the procedure of Corneal Cross Linking with Riboflavin ( hence the 3 Cs and R ). It is also sometimes known as CXL.

C3R is now the procedure of choice in preventing progression of keratoconus. Keratoconus is a condition in which there is gradual weakening and bulging of the cornea leading to progressive deterioration of vision. C3R is a non -invasive procedure that is a new ray of hope for keratoconus patients. Another indication of C3R is post LASIK ectasia.

It is a fairly simple procedure performed in the OT and does not require any admission. The cornea is treated with riboflavin ( vitamin B2 ) which is then activated by UV- A light. This leads to strengthening of the collagen fibres present in the cornea which arrests the further bulging of the cornea. In simple words it acts as a cementing force to the weak collagen fibres in patients of keratoconus. Various studies have documented that following C3R , the progression of keratoconus is reduced significantly. However, this procedure is just not a cure fir the disease and the patients still requires glasses or contact lenses to correct their vision. The procedure has practically no adverse effects and can be safely performed in all after consultation with your treating cornea specialist. It is a one time procedure and does not require frequent follow ups.

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