Pentacam evaluation

A prerequisite to performing safe and precise laser refractive surgery is the ability to accurately measure the shape, thickness and contour of the cornea both pre and postoperatively. Bajaj Eye Care Centre continues to lead the way by introducing state-of-the-art micro-imaging technology to the Pacific Northwest in the form of the Pentacam. As the regional leader in laser vision correction, Bajaj Eye Care Centre is one of the few centers in India that provide patients with the advantages of the advanced Pentacam system.

The Pentacam images the anterior segment of the eye by a rotating Scheimpflug camera measurement. This rotating process supplies pictures in three dimensions. The center of the cornea, which is most critical for refractive surgery planning, is measured very precisely because of this rotational imaging process. The measurement process lasts less than two seconds and minute eye movements are captured and corrected simultaneously. As a result of the short imaging time and 3-D image stitching it is possible to measure 25,000 true elevation points precisely and reproducibly.