S-MICS Stellaris - Micro Incision Cataract Surgery

An Integrated Platform For 1.8 mm MICS™ only Bausch & Lomb can deliver the complete suite of products that finally makes 1.8 mm cataract surgery a reality. The Stellaris Vision Enhancement System can be used in concert with the Akreos® Ao Micro Incision Lens, “Akreos MICS,” specialized ST orz® ophthalmic 1.8 mm Instruments, Amvisc® PLUS Viscoelastic and benchmark Bausch & Lomb support to provide surgeons and patients with the far-reaching benefits of cataract surgery through a smaller incision

Cataract removal through the smallest possible incision can produce universal advantages, including increased wound sealability, and a reduction in both endothelial cell loss and surgically induced astigmatism. Bausch & Lomb has redefined state of the art phacoemulsification with its 1.8 mm MICS solution, delivering the fluidics control and cutting efficiency to make the procedure through a 1.8 mm incision a reality.

Stellaris® MICS
The Stellaris Vision Enhancement System delivers the critical capabilities required for 1.8 mm MICS: superior fluidics control, efficient cutting dynamics and the ergonomic insights that make the system easy to use.

Akreos® MICS
The Akreos MICS Lens combines the vision benefits of an aspheric acrylic lens with the material and design characteristics that allow it to be inserted into a true 1.8 mm incision.

MICS Instruments
The MICS Platform includes precision performance instruments from STORZ ophthalmics for both C-MICS and B-MICS procedures.

MICS Viscoelastic Amvisc® PLUS
is the versatile viscoelastic that is ideal for every step of your 1.8 mm MICS procedure.

MICS Support
When you move to the MICS Platform you benefit from a comprehensive support program designed to assist cataract surgeons in developing and perfecting their MICS techniques.